Servo motors

  • Speed to 8000 rpm
  • Special design to 70000 rpmAKM4120MEDIUM
  • 120/240 VAC, 160/320 VDC
  • Protection class to IP67

These new servomotors can be driven by all Kollmorgen servo amplifiers. Seven flange sizes and a large number of winding options with optional feedback systems provide maximum flexibility for machine design. A special production process facilitates the delivery of different frame lengths, winding versions, flange standards (IEC-NEMA-JIS), various feedback systems and connection methods.

Power output and dynamics
Compared with everyday servomotors from other manufacturers, AKM motors have a considerably higher power output for a given frame size. The motors have low inertia rotors for high dynamic performance and they exhibit very low cogging.

The standard versions of these motors are fitted with 2-pole hollow-shaft resolvers. They can alternatively be fitted with additional feedback systems:
Smart Feedback Device (SFD, the intelligent Kollmorgen feedback system)
High-resolution EnDat (optical or inductive), BISS encoder,
Comcoder (incremental commutating encoder).

Holding Brake
The motors can be supplied with a built-in holding brake as an option.

The winding temperature is monitored and signalled by a PTC temperature sensor in the stator winding.

Standard flange dimensions, j6 fit, accuracy as per DIN 42955, tolerance class N
Vibration class as per EN 60034-14
Insulated for 480V rated mains voltage (230V for AKM1x)
Insulation material class F as per IEC 60085
Shaft end without a fitted-keyway to DIN 748, with threaded hole
Protection class IP 54
Mounting sockets for feedback and power connection can be swivelled (AKM2...7).

Holding brake (AKM2...7)
Shaft seal (Teflon, IP 65)
Flange accuracy in accordance with tolerance class R
Various flange/pitch circle versions (on request)
Various connection versions (on request)