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Electric linear actuator Max Jac

max jac

The new Max Jac® linear actuator is one of the most rugged actuators you can find on the market today. The Max Jac is built to perform in harsh environments and materials, such as fertilizers, mud, sand, high pressure water, slush, salt water, snow, heat or heavy vibrations - and requires little or no maintenance and service.


  • Long Life
  • High speed
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Small envelope
  • Minimal backlash
  • Vibration resistant
  • Duty cycle up to 100%
  • Short total length versus stroke
  • High degree corrosion protection
  • High accuracy position feedback options


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Performance Specifications Lead Screw
Ball Screw
Input Voltage(VDC) 12, 24
Max Stroke Length: mm 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300
Max Dynamic Load: N 500 800
Max Static Load: N 2000 100-350
Max No-Load Speed: mm/s 33 60
Max Full-Load Speed: mm/s 19 30
Full load duty cycle @ 25 °C oC
Operating temperature °C: oC -40 iki +85
Protection Class IP66, IP69K